A Very Busy January

All classes have been very busy since they came back to school in January – what a great start to the new year!

Senior Infants and 1st Class

Senior Infants are taking part in Lift-Off to Literacy this term.

Literacy Lift-Off is a whole-class intervention aimed at increasing each child’s competency in oral language, reading and writing. Diverse activities are essential for extending literacy processing power. Hence, the pupils work in ‘stations’ to carry out a number of activities in reading and writing, over the course of an hour, under the guidance of 4 teachers.

During each Literacy Lift-Off session, children experience five activities:

  • Oral Language
  • Familiar Reading
  • Word Work
  • Writing
  • New Book

Grandparents came into Mrs Doherty’s Senior Infant and 1st class room to celebrate Grandparents Day on Wednesday, 31st January. The boys enjoyed spending time talking to the Grandparents, showing their work and finding out about how different school was in the past.

2nd Class

Pupils from 2nd class are taking part in Fun Maths sessions with the help of their parents/guardians. The sessions are proving very enjoyable for all involved!

5th Class & 6th Class

As part of Catholics Schools Week 5th and 6th classes made St. Brigid’s crosses on 31st January. As this was also Grandparent