Grandparent’s Day

Miss Mc Daid’s Granny Lucy came to visit the boys in Senior Infants and 1st Class. She told them all about school and life long ago when she was a little girl. The boys really enjoyed the visit and learned lots of interesting information.

Some Grandparents came into 4th class and the boys interviewed them about a range of topics. They talked about technology long ago. The boys were amazed when they were told the steps that needed to be taken to make a phone call from Birmingham! The person had to go to the phone box and call the operator who would transfer you to the operator in Liverpool, who would transfer you to Dublin, who transferred you to Donegal, who connected you to White’s Solicitor in Carndonagh. They would find out who was needed on the phone and hang up. Somebody then had to run and fetch the person that was needed on the phone and the call would have to be made all over again!

The boys also learned about life at school, first jobs, transport, sweets, toys and games and holidays long ago. One of the best topics of conversation was the mischief that the grandparents got up to when they were young, but that information is strictly confidential!!

Grandparents also helped many of the classes to make St. Brigid’s crosses. The staff and pupils would like to thank everyone who attended the school to celebrate Grandparent’s Day.