Summer is here!

First Holy Communion

2nd Class had their First Holy Communion Prayer Service in the G.P room on Wednesday 17th May 2017. They did a really good job and everyone enjoyed it.

We wish the boys all the best on their First Holy Communion Day on Saturday 27th May 2017. We wish the boys and their families a wonderful day.




Engineer’s Week

During engineer’s week, 5th class worked very hard to design, build and test their own bridges. They worked in groups to decide on what materials and structures they thought would work best. They gathered the materials, constructed their design and used weights to text their strength and stability.


Animation Workshop

5th class have also been working very hard with Paul Kelly on developing their own animation. Working in teams, the boys had to draw and colour the various aspect of their scene and the characters needed for their animation based on the theme of sustainability and climate change. In the coming weeks, the will work alongside Paul, using his equipment to make these animations come to life.


Our School Garden

Some of our 6th class boys have been working very hard revamping our school garden. They have planted many different vegetables, shrubs and various types of flowers.


Finn Valley

27 pupils represented out school in Finn Valley on 24th May 2017. Ciaran O’Kane (5th class) returned with a bronze medal. Well done to all the boys who participated.


National Handwriting Competition

Congratulations to Bobby Lafferty on coming runner up in the National Handwriting Competition.


3rd class

During the month of May 3rd class have been learning about a non-European country – Egypt. Firstly we located Egypt on the map and discovered that it is actually on two continents; Africa and Asia. Secondly we investigated what life is like for people living in Egypt nowadays, discussing food, weather and climate, games children play, religion and writing. The importance of the River Nile was also investigated and we examined what it is like to live in the Sahara desert like the Bedouin tribe of people do. We also learned about life in Ancient Egypt, about how the Ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods and about how they used slaves to build the pyramids as tombs for their dead Pharaohs. We used out new Ipads to research more about the life of Tutankhamun, the boy king and how he became ruler of Egypt at 9 years of age! Wouldn’t that be great!!

During Art we drew pictures of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus and decorated necklaces like those gold and silver ones worn by the rich Egyptian women.